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Yahoo acquires AI news platform owned by Instagram founders



Yahoo acquires AI news platform owned by Instagram founders

Artifact is an artificial intelligence (AI) driven news aggregation and discovery platform that was created by Instagram cofounders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.

In a statement on Tuesday, Yahoo said Artifact will no longer operate as a standalone app.

The company, however, said the platform’s proprietary AI-powered personalisation technology and other features will be integrated across Yahoo, including the Yahoo News app, in the months to come.

“The technology Artifact has created will be even more impactful with the scale of the Yahoo News network, ranked the #1 news and information property in the US in 2023,” Yahoo said.

“Artifact’s mission was focused on delivering the most relevant stories to users through AI, utilizing proprietary technology to provide curated news and content experiences.

“As a trusted guide to the internet, Yahoo helps people achieve their goals online, including connecting with high-quality content they care about.

“This investment advances Yahoo’s commitment to bringing trusted news and information to hundreds of millions of users globally, and accelerates our vision to offer a more personalized experience for discovering news and information across platforms.”

Commenting on the development, Kat Downs Mulder, senior vice-president and general manager of Yahoo News, said the company was one of the first to combine human and algorithmic curation of news.

Mulder said since then, the landscape of machine learning and personalisation has changed dramatically and Artifact has innovated with best-in-class technology to meet the moment.

“Artifact has become a beloved product and we’re thrilled to be able to continue to grow that technology and further our mission of becoming the trusted guide to digital information and the best curator connecting people to the content that matters most to them,” she said.

On his part, Systrom, chief executive officer (CEO) of Artifact, said he believes the acquisition has the opportunity to benefit millions of people.

“Yahoo brings the scale to help the product achieve what we envisioned while upholding the belief that connecting people to the trusted sources of news and information is as critical as ever,” he said.

“AI has allowed us to give users a better experience discovering great content they care about. Yahoo recognizes that opportunity, and we could not be more excited to see what we’ve built live on through Yahoo News.”

According to the statement, Yahoo’s acquisition of Artifact closed on March 29, 2024.

The company said Artifact’s co-founders will work with Yahoo in an advisory capacity during the transition.


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How to sign up for Amazon Prime ahead of Prime day 2024



How to sign up for Amazon Prime ahead of Prime Day 2024

Amazon Prime Day is coming up again, and exciting deals await on electronics, clothes, makeup and more — but there’s a catch. To access exclusive Prime Day deals, shoppers must first sign up for Amazon Prime and opt for a free 30-day trial or a full subscription.

Subscribers can save plenty on big brands like Apple, HP, Bose, and more if they shop on Prime Day in July this year, and they’ll also gain other Prime benefits, such as free delivery and hours of entertainment thanks to full access to Amazon Video, Amazon Music, and Prime Gaming.

Here’s how shoppers can sign up for Amazon Prime:

5 minutes, email address or phone number
Internet access
Step 1: Go to the Amazon Prime sign-up page and click on Start your free 30-day trial.

Head to Amazon Prime’s sign-up page.

Step 2: Input your email if you have an existing Amazon account or click on Create Your Amazon account.

A new sign-in page will open up on the website. Input your email or mobile number and password if you have an existing Amazon account or click on Create Your Amazon account. If you make a new account, you’ll need to provide some basic information such as name, email, and password.

Step 3: If you’re creating a new account, follow the steps to verify your email with a One-Time Password.

If you choose to create a new account, Amazon will send an OTP to your respective email address or mobile number for account verification. If you are using an existing account, skip to Step 5.

Step 4: Input the OTP and click on Verify.

Once the OTP verification page appears on the screen, input the code and click on Verify.

Step 5: Sign up for your free one-month trial or purchase a full subscription.

Now users have two options: sign up for a free one-month trial or purchase a full subscription, though many users might not qualify for a free trial if they have already availed it in the past with the same email or phone number. If you are purchasing a subscription, click on one of these four plans to become a prime member: Monthly Prime Membership — costs $14.99 per month Annual Membership — costs $139 per year or under $12 monthly Student Monthly Membership — costs $7.49 per month; students are eligible for exclusive offers including a 6-month free Prime trial. Prime for government assistance recipients — costs $6.99 per month (must verify eligibility)

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Prime Day 2024?
According to a press release, Amazon has announced that Prime Day will return in July 2024. Last year, Prime Day landed on July 11 and 12, and in 2022, it landed on July 12 and 13. Though we don’t know the exact dates yet, we’re expecting a similar mid-July timeframe for 2024.

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Someone apparently hacked 50 Cent’s accounts to peddle a memecoin and made off with millions



Someone apparently hacked 50 Cent’s accounts to peddle a memecoin and made off with millions

50 Cent and his millions of social media followers were reportedly the targets of a pump-and-dump crypto scam on Friday that resulted in hackers pocketing a good chunk of change before it was all shut down.

The exact amount they made is unclear; the rapper initially wrote on Instagram that “whoever did this made $300,000,000 in 30 minutes” (per Cointelegraph), but the post has since been edited to say $3,000,000 as of this afternoon. I will not make a Get Rich or Die Tryin’ pun, I will not make a Get Rich or Die Tryin’ pun…

The scammers used 50 Cent’s X account and website, Thisis50, to push $GUNIT. “My Twitter & Thisis was hacked I have no association with this Crypto,” 50 Cent wrote in an Instagram post containing screenshots of the unfolding mess. “Twitter worked quickly to lock my account back down,” he added. His X account and still appear to be unavailable. Stay safe out there, and be wary of celebrities shilling crypto.


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Samsung may have inadvertently confirmed the Galaxy Watch Ultra



Samsung may have inadvertently confirmed the Galaxy Watch Ultra

Samsung appears to have accidentally confirmed the long-rumored Galaxy Watch Ultra on its own website, matching up with some of the previous leaks and rumors.

91mobiles spotted a support page for the yet-to-be-announced Galaxy Watch Ultra on Samsung Canada’s website. This page not only confirms the smartwatch’s existence but also reveals key details.

The upcoming model will supposedly feature LTE connectivity and a 47mm case, suggesting it might only come in a single size. On the other hand, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic comes in two sizes.

Though the support page has since disappeared, it undeniably confirmed the existence of the upcoming model. Samsung’s next-generation premium smartwatch promises a fresh design aimed at shaking up the market and competing with the Apple Watch Ultra.

The buzz around Samsung’s next-gen wearable is off the charts. Leaks and rumors have given us a pretty clear picture of its design, features, and possible price.

This top-tier smartwatch is said to sport a unique and tough look with a circular dial in a square case. Rumor has it, it’ll come in white and dark gray colorways, both featuring a vibrant orange side button for a bit of flair.

As per earlier leakers, the Watch Ultra is expected to feature an orange crown button on the right, flanked by two other buttons. Rumors also point to a grade 4 titanium chassis and a sapphire crystal glass display, indicating a premium build designed to endure an active lifestyle.

The Galaxy Watch Ultra is also rumored to have a peak brightness of up to 300 nits and offer water resistance up to 100 meters, outperforming some of the best waterproof smartwatches on the market.

Rumor has it that the Galaxy Watch Ultra will launch on July 10 during Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event. This event is expected to showcase a slew of Samsung’s latest products, including the Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Z Flip 6, Galaxy Buds 3, and the classic Galaxy Watch 7.

However, the Galaxy Watch Ultra is expected to come with a hefty price tag, rumored to be around $700. While that’s still a significant amount, it’s a bit cheaper than Apple’s $800. So, if you’re in the market for a high-end smartwatch and want to save a hundred bucks, the Galaxy Watch Ultra could be a great option.

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Spotify adds cheaper ‘basic Individual’ plan, but It ditches a notable perk



Spotify Adds Cheaper 'Basic Individual' Plan, But It Ditches a Notable Perk

Earlier this month, Spotify raised the price of its Premium plan from $10.99 to 11.99, a move it said was necessary in order for it to “invest in and innovate on” new features. Now, it’s rolling out a slightly cheaper option for a dollar less a month — this one without audiobooks.

The new Basic Individual tier gives Spotify users access to its library of music for $11 a month, while the Premium Individual plan offers access to all the music as well as 15 hours of audiobook listening per month for $12. Spotify also offers a $10-per-month audiobook-only plan, which also provides 15 hours of listening.

There’s also a $17-per-month Premium Duo plan, which offers unlimited music and audiobook access for two people living in the same home, as well a $20-per-month Premium Family plan for up to six people, and a Spotify Premium Student with Hulu for $6 per month.

Spotify added access to audiobooks in November and currently hosts around 250,000 books. With all audiobook-included plans, unused listening hours expire at the end of the month and don’t carry over.

The music-streaming service still offers a free listening tier, but you’ll encounter ads as well as listening limits on mobile. Not surprisingly, Spotify would prefer you upgrade to a paid plan. Music streams aren’t cheap, and the company had layoffs last year that hit 17% of the workforce.

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US bans Russia’s Kaspersky antivirus software



US Bans Russia’s Kaspersky Antivirus Software

The Commerce Department said it “strongly encouraged” users to switch to new vendors, although its decision does not ban them from using the software should they choose to do so.

The United States on Thursday banned Russia-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky from providing its popular antivirus products in the country, the US Commerce Department announced.

“Kaspersky will generally no longer be able to, among other activities, sell its software within the United States or provide updates to software already in use,” the agency said in a statement announcing the action, which it said is the first of its kind.

“Russia has shown time and again they have the capability and intent to exploit Russian companies, like Kaspersky Lab, to collect and weaponize sensitive US information,” US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said in a statement.

The Commerce Department’s actions show America’s adversaries that it would not hesitate to act when “their technology poses a risk to the United States and its citizens,” she added.

While the multinational firm is headquartered in Moscow, it has offices in 31 countries around the world, servicing more than 400 million users and 270,000 corporate clients in more than 200 countries, the Commerce Department said.

As well as banning the sale of Kaspersky’s antivirus software, the Commerce Department also added three entities linked to the firm to a list of companies deemed to be a national security concern, “for their cooperation with Russian military and intelligence authorities in support of the Russian government’s cyber intelligence objectives.”

The Commerce Department said it “strongly encouraged” users to switch to new vendors, although its decision does not ban them from using the software should they choose to do so.

Kaspersky is allowed to continue certain operations in the United States, including providing antivirus updates, until September 29 this year, “in order to minimize disruption to US consumers and businesses and to give them time to find suitable alternatives,” it added.

Source: Channels

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Digital Analyst expresses concern on potential risks internet poses to children, young people



Digital Analyst Expresses Concern on Potential Risks Internet Poses to Children, Young People

A Digital Rights Advocate, Mr. Wale Bakare, has expressed concern over the potential risks the internet poses to its users, especially children and young people.

Speaking in Ilorin, Kwara state capital on Tuesday on the sidelines of the workshop organised by a non profit organisation, Webfalai Digital Skills for All Initiative (WDSFAI) for over 50 participants, Mr. Bakare stressed the need for digital citizenship and how to maintain digital wellbeing for children.

According to him, digital citizenship fosters responsible and ethical use of the internet and other digital devices, with emphasis on kindness and empathy.

Bakare, who said the internet had a lot of advantages, noted that children and young people could use the internet positively in different ways to promote learning, creativity and personal growth.

He highlighted exposure to obscene and inappropriate contents, cyber stalking, cyber bullying, addiction, impersonation, scams, sextortion, and consumption of misinformation and fake news as some of the risks internet usage poses to children.

The digital rights advocate, therefore, sensitised parents and teachers on how to ensure a secure and positive digital experience for young users.

Bakare encouraged parents and teachers to create a safe environment for open communication that will allow their children and students talk to them about their experiences online, noting that “guiding, not restricting, is key to fostering responsible online behaviour among children.”

He asked teachers and parents to demonstrate to children good digital habits they want them to adopt and to also equip them with skills to critically access various content they come across online.

He recommended security softwares parents and teachers could use to guide and monitor the online activities of their wards.

Additionally, he emphasised the need for parents to reduce screen time for their children by encouraging more offline activities and creating quality family time.

“As technology becomes increasingly integrated into every aspect of our lives, ensuring the digital well-being of individuals particularly children must be a crucial concern for all stakeholders, including teachers and parents.

“By prioritizing digital well-being, we can foster healthier, more balanced interactions with technology, enhancing the overall quality of life,” Bakare said.

Earlier, the WDSFAI Executive Director, Nafisat Bakare reiterated its commitment to make a safer online environment for children in the country.

She said that, the workshop was aimed to raise awareness and understanding about internet safety and to promote the importance of raising responsible and ethical digital citizens.

In a chat with newsmen shortly after the training, the Director of Communications and Strategy for Webfala Digital Skills for all Initiative, Hameed Muritala, said the training workshop marked a significant step forward in the organisation’s efforts to promote online safety and digital citizenship.

“Our organisation is committed to empowering individuals to navigate the digital world responsibly by equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to foster safer online environments, especially for children,” he added.

Source: This Day

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