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Green Africa launches first promotional campaign of the year



Green Africa, Nigeria’s leading value carrier, has launched its first promotional campaign for 2024, tagged “700 Seats up for Grabs.”
 As part of this campaign, Green Africa is offering an exclusive opportunity for customers to secure up to 700 seats from as low as NGN20,000, available only on
Green Africa’s limited-time offer allows customers to take advantage of significant discounts on various fare options.
The sales period for this campaign is from January 8 to January 14, 2024, and the travel period is from January 8 to September 30, 2024.
Customers can choose from three fare products designed to cater to different needs: gSaver, gClassic, and gFlex.
The gSaver fare, priced at NGN20,000, offers the best value for money for budget-conscious travelers. The gClassic fare, available at NGN29,000, provides added flexibility and benefits.
For those seeking maximum flexibility, the gFlex fare, priced at NGN39,000, is the best suitable option.
To take advantage of this limited-time offer, customers should visit between now and January 14, 2024.
Customers can  search for preferred travel dates up to September 30, 2024, for a chance to secure one of the 700 seats available, for safe, reliable, and affordable air travel.
Offer is subject to availability on a first-come, first-served basis; terms and conditions apply.
Green Africa ( is a leading pioneer value carrier based in Lagos, Nigeria with a mission to use the power of air travel to create a better future.
 Green Africa offers safe, reliable, and affordable air travel to a broader group of customers and is a significant contributor to the economic development of Nigeria and the African continent.
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Ibom Air: 5 years of unprecedented operations in Nigeria



Established on June 7, 2019 by its founder, former governor Udom Emmanuel for the Akwa Ibom State government, Ibom Air

Established on June 7, 2019 by its founder, former governor Udom Emmanuel for the Akwa Ibom State government, Ibom Air has become one of the strongest local airline brands and increasingly becoming known internationally.

Reacting to the feat, the immediate past governor of Akwa Ibom State, Emmanuel Udom said, “While I was in the flight now, I was putting on smile because of the work the airline has done so far.

“ The aircraft that brought us now from Lagos is the only Airbus A220 300 series of Airbus and of course, you know it’s efficient and you know, that’s the real modern technology in terms of aviation, and aircraft manufacturing. We have created something and that’s the whole concept of creativity and ideas. Coming up with some concept or ideas or creativity that people can be proud of like Ibom Air is something that I must give glory to God.”

He also said for local airlines to succeed and compete favourably with foreign counterparts, the government must provide certain concessions and preferences.

Udom stated this at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja on Thursday while reacting to Ibom Air’s five years operations.

According to him, “I keep saying this. Forget what the western world is trying to tell us. There is no country on planet earth that does not have a kind of subsidy for the citizens. I’m not calling for subsidy for airline business, but they should be given preference on certain things because we operate from this market. So whether you like it or not, the economy of any country cannot move or cannot grow if people cannot move from one point to another.

“I think there are some concessions that should be given to the local airlines and the aviation industry so that people can move from one point to another. I wouldn’t say more than that. “


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Turkish Airlines to resume flight operations to Nigeria May 25



Turkish Airlines to resume flight operations to Nigeria May 25

Turkish Airlines says it will resume flight operations to Nigeria on May 25 following the disruption of the company’s operations.

In a report by NAN on Friday, the airline said the decision came after discussions with officials from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) during which they assessed its request.

“Due to actions at our counter at the Lagos Murtala Muhammed International Airport that jeopardised our flight safety and continued for four days, we had to cancel our scheduled flights to Lagos as of Tuesday, May 21,” Turkish Airlines said.

“Turkish Airlines, prioritising the safety and security of its passengers and crew, will resume flights to Nigeria on Saturday, May 25, as it has done since 2006.

“As long as the NCAA and FAAN authorities take the necessary precautions and maintain safety of flights, crew, Turkish Airlines Lagos personnel, and passengers at the airport, we will continue to operate with the same sensitivity.”

Turkish Airlines said the decision was also influenced by a joint press release from the NCAA and FAAN, which announced that additional security measures would be implemented to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

The airline said Olubunmi Kuku, FAAN general manager, provided a written statement, promising to implement unprecedented measures to ensure the safety of its operations.

“We want to thank the authorities for the assurance they provided, and we will like to emphasise that Turkish Airlines is the airline flying to more countries than any other in the world,” the airline said.

“We adhere fully to the laws and regulations of the countries we operate in and act in accordance with international business ethics principles.

“We have informed the relevant authorities that we will not be able to carry out the scheduled flights until our flight safety is guaranteed and requested assurances from them.”

On May 22, NCAA said it would not hesitate to impose severe penalties on Turkish Airlines for its alleged mistreatment of Nigerian passengers.

NCAA said over 300 passengers were affected by the discord involving the Turkish Airlines and aviation unions, as the carrier has cancelled flights in and out of Nigeria from May 21 until May 23.

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), on May 21, picketed Turkish Airlines in Lagos over the dismissal of some of its members.

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Air Peace EXPOSED! How Nigeria airline operating with unserviceable hydraulic system



Air Peace EXPOSED! How Nigeria airline operating with unserviceable hydraulic system

Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB) has released final reports on the Serious Incident involving an Embraer EMB-145LR belonging to Air Peace airline.

The aircraft with nationality and registration marks 5N-BVD operated by Air Peace was involved in the serious incident at Kaduna Airport, Kaduna on 14th January, 2021

The report which was produced by the NSIB revealed that the aircraft had 53 persons made up of 49 passengers and four crew with fuel endurance of three hours before the incident occurred.

In its findings, the investigative committee discovered that the aircraft, which had earlier operated three sectors, started having issues while preparing for the fourth sector on ground in Kaduna.

“The Electric Motor Driven Pump (EMDP) was used to power the Hydraulic System. During Taxi, the Lead Cabin Crew informed the flight crew that there was an unusual sound from the over-wing to the aft of the aircraft. The flight crew concluded that the sound emanated from the EMDP and continued with pre-flight activities.

“The aircraft lined up for take-off and as it accelerated towards 119 kt, the take-off was aborted, thus initiating a sequence of events that eventually led to the failure of Number 1 and Number 2 Wheel Assemblies and additional damage to the aircraft.

The incident occurred at 12:09:20 h, daytime in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC).”

The causal factor according to the findings blamed the incident on the airline for operating the aircraft with an unserviceable hydraulic system leading to a high speed rejected take-off.

Among the contributory factors included non -leakage of Hydraulic System 1 due to a loose coupling on the hydraulic line servicing the Brake Control Valve and the pilot’s non-adherence to Air Peace Limited guidelines on diagnosis and reporting of faults.

The NSIB also released the final report on the incident involving a ground collision between the Skypower Aviation Handling Company’s (SAHCO) Lavatory Service Truck with Max Air parked Boeing 737-300 aircraft number 9/5.

The incident which happened in 2021, indicated SAHCO as a company was lacking adequate workers in its operations department.

The final report also blamed the driver of the truck for failing to act professionally by not establishing communication between himself and the marshaller for the repositioning of the truck.


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FAAN kicks off campaign for access toll fee



Hajj pilgrims to enjoy better services across international airports, FAAN assures

The Managing Director, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Mrs. Oluwaseun Kuku, yesterday began a comprehensive public awareness campaign to ensure that all airport users are well-informed about the new policy on access gate fees.

The awareness campaign is in response to the recent directive from the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Festus Keyamo, mandating that all citizens pay access gate fees at all 24 airports nationwide. The FAAN MD affirmed that implementing this mandate immediately will address one of the key revenue leakages the new management is determined to eliminate.

Speaking on the new policy, Kuku commended President Bola Tinubu and the Minister for their proactive role in helping to give vent to the use of technology in order to shore up revenue, prevent leakages and reduce the abuse of privileges by VIPs.

She emphasised that, “FAAN is currently poised to leverage technology to intensify its revenue drive. The new mandate also provide some protection for FAAN staff, who are often bullied and railroaded by VIPs and military personnel.”

Kuku also mentioned that, though the implementation of the E-tag regime in Lagos and Abuja international airports and non-exclusion of VIPs in the payment for access gate fees at all airports in Nigeria is immediate, efforts are being made to ameliorate the traffic gridlock that may be experienced at the early stages of the implementation of the directive, especially in Lagos and Abuja airports.

According to her, “The good news is that all government organisations, the military and VIPs are fully in support of Mr. President on this directive. FAAN is, therefore, guaranteed of maximum support from all sides.”

Source: The Nation

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Air Peace debunks safety violation in UK operations



Air Peace Lagos-London tickets sold out till September, says Allen Onyema

Air Peace has denied viral reports, which claimed that it violated safety in its United Kingdom operations.

A statement signed by the management of the airline and circulated to aviation journalists on Monday night, insisted that the reports contained a lot of falsehood aimed at creating fears and doubts in the minds of the flying public.

The airline insisted that from the commencement of its inaugural flight to London on March 30, 2024, its operations had been subjected to intense scrutiny by the relevant authorities in the United Kingdom.

The airline, however, said this scrutiny was welcome, saying that it would continue to pursue operational excellence and display commitment to the safety and security of its passengers.

The airline in the statement, confirmed that the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority (UKCAA) had written to it, after the agency’s statutory ramp inspection on April 7, 2024, to request clarification on the use of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and some other concerns.

According to the statement, the airline provided the necessary information, and the matter was resolved without any issues.

Air Peace insisted that it was wrong to say it didn’t have an approval for its EFB, clarifying that it received approval from the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), while all its Boeing 777 aircraft were certified to operate with EFBs.

On the claim that its B777 aircraft lacked iPad mounts and charging ports in the flight deck, the airline insisted that this was incorrect.

It explained that its entire B777 aircraft are equipped with charging ports in the cockpit, while the aircraft are also equipped with iPad mounts.

On the location of its cockpit library on the B777 aircraft, which was raised by the UK CAA, the airline insisted that the B777 designates two locations for storing manuals and books – one behind the captain, while the other is under the jump seat.

The statement hinted that during the inspection, the books were stored under the jump seat, as it is commonly practised.

The statement added: “We understand the inspector’s preference for the books to be placed behind the captain and have ensured this preference is accommodated for all operations going forward.

“There was also a concern about the captain’s choice of runway exit after landing. Instead of exiting at the middle runway exit, the captain, out of his professional discretion, opted to exit at the end of the runway.

“This may have delayed the arrival of another aircraft. We acknowledge this deviation and have addressed the matter with the captain to ensure adherence to preferred exit procedures in the future.”

The airline insisted that ramp inspection was a normal procedure carried out by aviation authorities globally, and the UK CAA did the right thing by notifying the NCAA of the outcome of their inspection.

It however expressed shock on the exaggeration and sensationalisation of the issue, which it said was closed with the authorities over a month ago.

The airline insisted that it was unprofessional for the media to publish slanted and alarmist reports to create public panic and impugn its deeply ingrained safety culture.

The airline insisted that its safety record was second to none, stressing that it goes above and beyond to comply with all established safety standards.

“Safety is the bedrock of our operations, and we have robust operational mechanisms to guarantee full compliance always,” the statement said.


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MMA2 Training Academy: Elevating learning standards in aviation security



Over 3,000 individuals graduate from MMA2 Training Academy

The Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal 2 Training Academy, since inception, MMA2 Training Academy has trained over 3,000 individuals, with a significant number benefiting from instruction by certified and authorized trainers affiliated with the academy, while others have been trained by external authorized trainers.

MMA2 proudly announces its establishment as a premier training institution, strategically located on the third floor of the domestic terminal 2, offering cutting-edge facilities and accredited courses in aviation security.

The Head Creative Services Department, Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited, Korede Ogunseinde, said, “The industry is a regulated field, combined with the strict regulatory requirements, necessitates standardized training throughout the sector. We have successfully created an avenue for all professionals to acquire more knowledge and skills through accredited training and successfully trained over 3,000 persons since inception .”

Established in July 2019, the academy offers a comprehensive range of Aviation Security Courses, including but not limited to: ASTP 123 (BASIC), Aviation Security Awareness Training, Xray Interpretation and Screening.

Head of Corporate Communications, BASL, Ajoke Yinka-Olawuyi said, “Cultivating a culture of security consciousness is paramount in our industry, as such, all concessionaires are required to undergo aviation security awareness training. This initiative not only fortifies our terminal’s security protocols but also empowers participants with invaluable knowledge, ensuring a safer and more resilient operational environment. Together, we stand to gain enhanced vigilance and preparedness, safeguarding both our assets and the traveling public.”

Notably, MMA2 Training Academy has attained accreditation and approval from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA Avsec Department) as a Certified Aviation Security Training Provider, underscoring its commitment to meeting stringent regulatory standards.

The head of Aviation Security at MMA2, Monica Oguta, is quotd as saying, “I commend the MMA2 Training ’s noteworthy impact in advancing aviation security training. Since opening in July 2019, the academy has skillfully trained over 3,000 individuals, underscoring our commitment to high learning standards within the industry.

“Located strategically within the domestic Terminal 2, the academy boasts cutting-edge facilities, offering a wide array of aviation security courses. The recognition by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority as a Certified Aviation Security Training Provider validates our dedication to maintaining strict regulatory standards and ensuring our trainees achieve both professional growth and global recognition.

“Looking ahead, the MMA2 Training Academy will continue to lead in shaping a secure and competent aviation security workforce.”

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