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10 things women definitely want during sex




Have you ever wondered why so many women plead headache when the man has his mind and junior set on sex? Though there may not be any surveys to back this up, fact is men initiate sex only when they’re ready and in the mood for it. It seldom happens when the woman wants it!

So, this is our revenge to let you know that just because you’ve turned it on is no reason why we too should get those hormones drooling, dribbling, and working.

Next time, if it’s your woman who’s getting all horny, don’t be a wet blanket by saying your mind’s too preoccupied with the next day’s board meeting. Just get down, get dirty, get rolling, and, most importantly, get it up.

Here’s how you spoil it for women sometimes

1. The drama is not only about the final act. Heard of foreplay, folks? So cuddle, coddle, cozy up, caress, cootchie coo…. Where’s the hurry?

2. Sex is not on an ATM, on-the-tap mode….we need warming up time……unlike your little man, who’s a bit of a slave!

3. You can’t be a klutz with those hooks and straps. Get it right, and do be gentle…

4. While sex is fun anywhere, we like things to be organized and as free of mess as a spontaneous act will allow

5. For you it could be just a release, for us it’s all tied up with emotions, head, and heart… so know that our responses will always be more thought through and, therefore, possibly slow. Don’t get impatient… when everything gets working (read aroused), it’s all yours to enjoy.

6. Size may matter to some, but what matters most is that it’s happy to see us! We know when this is so, and we know when the fellow’s being temperamental and bad mannered!

7. Even during love-making, we love to talk… so don’t expect us to go through the motions and acrobatics in hushed silence…

8. We also like sweet nothings whispered into our ears, or shouted out loud… we sometimes fake orgasms (didn’t they tell you!), but we make it appear like the real thing. Get the drift?

9. When it comes to creativity, you can’t be wondering where we got our little tricks from. We don’t unnecessarily stress over your digressions from routine/habit, so there…

10. Act over, and everyone can go home. Why does it have to be this way? We like a logical conclusion. A climax isn’t a conclusion. Remember, there’s a curtain call, and everyone’s thanked!
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Seven s3x positions that promise to spice up your Valentine’s Day



It’s always good to spice things up in the bedroom, and what better time to try than Valentine’s Day? To inspire you to try out some new moves, here are some ways to get saucy on the day of love.

Valentine’s Day may be known as the day of love, but it’s also a good time to get frisky.

A recent survey conducted by sexual wellness brand found that over one in 10 (15%) Brits aren’t happy with their sex life, but don’t feel comfortable telling their partner. This means people may need a little inspiration.

With this in mind, the team partnered with Clinical Sexologist, Ness Cooper, to share seven sex positions to help boost intimacy, closeness and romance with your partner this Valentine’s Day.

There’s no need to panic, as you don’t have to go to wild for the special occasion. Mixing things up doesn’t have to be hard.

Trying out some simple, but effective, moves can make all the difference. They can also be super fun to try out!

To get you inspired, here are seven positions that should blow your mind this Valentine’s Day. They’re sure to promise you a lot of pleasure, as well as romance.

A saucy sex toy for men is said to promise “shuddering” orgasms

Sofa cowgirl
While the penetrating partner is sitting, the one on top straddles them. This position allows for lots of kissing and closeness and lets arms wrap around bodies in an intimate hug as you thrust.

It’s the perfect position for a Netflix and chill date!

While one partner is sitting cross-legged on the floor or the bed, the other is sitting on top of them with their legs wrapped around their body. This is another great position for bringing you close to your partner.

The lotus sex position also allows you to look into your partner’s eyes, helping to release extra bonding hormones during penetration.

While some may say this is basic, missionary is the perfect position to offer maximum body contact. Not only does it stimulate the release of more hormones that make you feel closer to your partner, but the warmth of the bodies rubbing together also leads to an awakening of more sense due to increased blood flow.

As it suggests, spooning is the cuddle position where one partner is penetrating from behind as you both lie side-on. This position leads to the release of oxytocin and allows you to snuggle into your partner.

Non-penetrative sex
Sex isn’t all about penis-in-vagina! Mutual masturbation and oral sex can be just as exciting, if not more.

Focus on getting to know your partner by exploring their body with your fingers or sex toys in between kissing and hugging.

This sex position can be done with either one person lying down, or both partners lying down together. The individual being penetrated sits on their partner side-on, with their legs at 90 degrees, allowing for deep penetration.

Standing sex
Standing sex positions where you’re facing on like missionary, but upright, can be wilder and much more passionate. If you’re planning on getting adventurous with a standing sex position, particularly if you don’t think you’ll make it to the bedroom post-date, plan ahead and make sure there’s a clear wall or place to lean against for extra support.


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