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Tobi Bakre clinches Best Actor at AMVCA 2023 for ‘Brotherhood’



Tobi Bakre

Nollywood actor, Tobi Bakre has clinched the prestigious award for Best Actor in a Drama for his role in the series “Brotherhood.”

Tobi Bakre’s captivating performance in “Brotherhood” left a lasting impression on viewers. His ability to delve deep into the complexities of his character and bring raw emotions to the screen was truly commendable.

Tobi’s talent shone through as he effortlessly brought his character to life, leaving the audience captivated with every scene.

The category for Best Actor in a Drama at AMVCA’s 2023 featured an array of talented nominees, including Blossom Chukwujekwu for “The Trade,” Chidi Mokeme for “Shanty Town,” Chimezie Imo for “Choke,” Daniel Etim-Effiong for “Kofa,” Femi Adebayo for “King of Thieves (Agesinkole),” NKakalukanyi Patriq for “Tembele,” O.C. Ukeje for “Black Mail,” Richard Mofe Damijo for “Four Four Forty Four,” Tobi Bakre for “Brotherhood,” and Tope Tedela for “All The Colours Of The World Are Between Black and White.”

Tobi Bakre’s nuanced portrayal in “Brotherhood” showcased his versatility as an actor. His ability to convey a range of emotions and deliver compelling performances made him a standout contender in the category. Tobi’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to bringing authenticity to his roles has undoubtedly earned him this prestigious recognition.

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Biodun Stephen explains why filmmakers often recycle similar film themes



Biodun Stephen explains why filmmakers often recycle similar film themes

Filmmaker and actress, Biodun Stephen, has explained the repetitive movie trends in Nollywood, attributing them to the drive for commercial success.

She noted that when a particular type of movie becomes commercially successful, others try to replicate the formula, often without understanding the factors behind its success.

This approach, she said, leads to a flood of similar films, as everyone tries to cash in on the trend.

Stephen likened the situation to opening a shop and selling a popular product, only for others to follow suit without innovating or understanding the original recipe for success.

She emphasised that filmmaking is a gamble and that the desire for return on investment often drives decisions.

While commercialization has been a long-standing issue in Nollywood, Stephen encouraged filmmakers to explore simplicity and originality, rather than solely chasing trends and financial gains.

In an interview with Pulse Nigeria, Biodun said: “Nollywood is largely built out of pocket so of course commercialization is very key. It’s almost like you open a shop out there and you’re selling rice and fried stew, and you’re making a lot of money. In another few months, somebody else opens a store ten meters away and sells the same thing because they feel like that’s what’s making money. And that’s exactly how the business is.

“Somebody makes one comedy film, the film does well, and we’re all now making comedy. Somebody says ‘Oh this is the camera, we shot it on this camera and it was the best’ and now we’re all trying to do that without understanding what were the reasons why certain choices were made for certain films, which is why perhaps it was successful. Sometimes, the actors, and the tech involved in the film, have nothing to do with success. Sometimes, it was just the right time.

“Film is a gamble and all filmmakers, we’re all gambling and we’re all thinking this is what they want to see, let me just do it. Because of course, you want a return on investment. If you’re making a film only for the money, I can’t question certain choices that you make in making the film. Not every razzle-dazzle is travel-worthy, sometimes simple is travel-worthy.

“This commercialization has been a disease that has plagued us for years. It was the campus film before, and everybody jumped on the train. Everybody jumped on the gang film, everybody was making gang films. Everybody jumped on comedy. Everybody is just jumping on whatever everybody thinks is the cash cow. Right now, there is a street thing that everybody is doing now, and everybody is jumping on it.”

Source: The Nation

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UPTH says Burna Boy only paid medical bills of selected patients during visit



The University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) has clarified reports claiming Burna Boy settled the medical bills of all its patients.

In early June, the Afrofusion singer visited the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) and its teaching hospital.

Burna Boy was said to have settled the outstanding medical bills of some patients.

Some reports, however, claimed that the singer covered the bills of all the hospital’s patients.

Elabha Meni, the institution’s spokesperson, has now clarified that Burna Boy only selected patients for cash gifts or donations.

Meni said in a statement on Friday that the hospital did not receive any direct payment from Burna Boy on behalf of patients.

“We commend Burna Boy’s kindness in financially assisting select patients in our hospital to offset their bills during his visit on June 11,” Meni said.

“However, contrary to reports stating that all patients’ bills in UPTH were paid during the visit, only selected patients received cash gifts or donations.

“The hospital did not receive direct payments from the musician and his team on behalf of patients to support this worthy course of reducing healthcare costs.”

Burna Boy rose to stardom in 2013 with the release of ‘Like to Party,’ the lead single from his debut album ‘L.I.F.E.’

In 2021, Burna Boy won the ‘Best World Music Album’ category at the Grammy Awards with his fifth album ‘Twice As Tall’

In April, the Port Harcourt-born singer made the Time Magazine’s list of 100 most influential people for 2024.

The Canadian senate also hailed him for contributing to their entertainment space.


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BBNaija: Mercy Eke reveals all stars reunion Has been canceled



BBNaija: Mercy Eke Reveals All Stars Reunion Has Been Canceled

Mercy Eke, a reality star, garnered internet responses after stating that the highly awaited “All Stars Reunion show” has been cancelled.

A few weeks ago, Multichoice announced that the All-Stars reunion will air on June 24th, 2024. However, it seems that the most anticipated programme will not be televised.

Mercy Eke answered fan questions during an Instagram broadcast. Mercy Eke discussed her money, which was still trapped in Heritage Bank, and the actions she was taking to recover it.

One of her fans asked her about the airing of the BBNaija All-Stars reunion. The reality personality said that Multichoice had cancelled the programme.

Mercy, however, did not reveal why the programme was cancelled.

Reacting to the post;

@Bunka: “Big brother brand with wayo, after they cheated Ceec and Mercy to mk baye win. That was when I started believing Tacha that it is a staged show. They always gives winners that won’t call them out for non-payment of cash price. All their winners looking poorer that the rest housemate and u wonder why.

@Funmilayo: “Yes ooo, No Mercy No Reunion”

@Mizbeautyofficial: “It was baye’s time to shine so make una rest”

@Elube_juliet: “Ona dey drag each other here, all the big house mate nor know ona self, baye wey Ona dey talk about she is not a social media type, her father get money BBN or no bbn she is made

@Gracefully: “Next time they should choose a bonafide winner rather than promoting a pity party narrative! Silck and tired of that rvbbish”

@Chukwudi: “Shame didn’t allow them to consent to the reunion. Bayes EIN was really a slap on their faces. LoL Africa decided.”


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Davido wanted s3x; not access to our daughter – Sophia Momodu



Davido‘s baby mama, Sophia Momodu, has responded to the lawsuit the singer initiated against her at the Lagos State High Court over the

Davido‘s baby mama, Sophia Momodu, has responded to the lawsuit the singer initiated against her at the Lagos State High Court over the custody of their daughter, Imade.

According to PREMIUM TIMES, Davido, through his lawyers, asked the court to grant him joint custody of 9-year-old Imade, born in May 2015.

Davido’s lawyers, Olaniyi Arije, Okey Barrah, and others, filed the lawsuit on 17 April 2024.

Responding to Davido’s lawsuit through her legal representative, Punuka attorneys & solicitors and Bimpe Ajegbomogun & Co, Ms Momodu, a niece of famous journalist Dele Momodu, refuted the allegations the singer levelled against her.

Among several allegations, Davido claimed Ms Sophia, 37, rejected a N200 million apartment in a gated community with a swimming pool and 24-hour power and water supply in Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos, which he had purchased for the proper care of Imade.

The ‘Unavailable’ crooner claimed that Imade’s mother demanded he pay the nanny she hired $800 monthly, totalling $19,600 per year, as a lump sum.

He alleged that despite his efforts to ensure a better life for their daughter, Ms Momodu continued to treat him with unwarranted cruelty and caused him significant pain.

However, reacting to Davido’s lawsuit, Ms Momodu stated that she only denied being intimate with the music star.

She revealed this in a statement on Saturday by her legal representatives, Punuka attorneys & Solicitors and Bimpe Ajegbomogun & Co., published in the Pulse.

It partly read: “David Adeleke and Sophia Momodu were in a relationship from 2014-2017 and 2020-2022. During this time, David provided financial support for their daughter, covering school fees, rent, and other living expenses, including the cars mentioned in the article. Sophia ended the relationship with David in July 2022. Since then, David has repeatedly threatened to make Sophia’s life miserable if she does not make herself available to him sexually.

“Sophia has never denied David access to their daughter, only access to her body and intimacy, which he has taken issue with. David is in a publicly known relationship, and Sophia wishes him well. She seeks to move forward in her life free from harassment and verbal abuse.”

The 37-year-old entrepreneur alleged that Davido abandoned Imade for over two years.

Ms Momodu further alleged that the 31-year-old singer has chosen not to see their daughter or honour special events.

“David has not seen our daughter since July 2022 by his own choice. Sophia has never denied him the opportunity to see his daughter. He has not reached out on special occasions, such as her birthday or Christmas, for the past two years, which has left his daughter distressed and questioning why her father has cut contact with her. Despite this, David posts images of her on social media to falsely portray himself as a supportive and active father.”

Additionally, the statement alleged that Sophia has solely shouldered expenses, including rent, living and travel costs, healthcare, and all other expenses related to their daughter in the last two years.

“Since July 2022, David has not fulfilled his financial responsibilities towards their daughter, leaving her school fees unpaid. Their daughter’s school has contacted him multiple times regarding the 2021/2022 school term fees and January 2023, with no response. Legal counsel was sought in February 2023, resulting in David’s father, Mr Adedeji Adeleke, eventually paying the outstanding fees. Despite this neglect, Sophia firmly maintains that the most crucial support David can provide their daughter is his presence and emotional support,’’ the statement read.

The entrepreneur said she initiated legal efforts to establish a formal co-parenting arrangement with Davido two years ago. Still, according to her, Davido and his legal team consistently refused to cooperate towards a mutually agreeable resolution.

Instead, she alleged they sought to discredit and isolate Sophia and their daughter using David’s social influence and network.


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KEHINDE BANKOLE : Playing Funmilayo Ransome- Kuti inspired my new movement



KEHINDE BANKOLE : Playing Funmilayo Ransome- Kuti inspired my new movement

Award-Winning actress Kehinde Bankole has announced that she is set to unveil her new non-governmental organisation, ‘What About the People (WATP).’

The initiative marks a significant turning point for Bankole, whose passion for social change was reinforced by her transformative experience portraying the Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti in the new biopic by Bolanle Austen-Peters.

“Stepping into the shoes of such a fearless advocate opened my eyes differently to the immense challenges faced by the Nigerian people. Funmilayo’s unwavering commitment to change and justice resonated deeply with me, and I knew I had to do something tangible to make a difference.

“It has awakened the knowledge that patriotism and activism can work together hand in hand without being seen as antagonistic or problematic, it’s all for the good of the people,” she added.

According to Bankole, WATP aims to empower and advocate for underserved communities in Nigeria, focusing on critical areas like re-orientation, education, and sensitisation to both the people’s duties and their rights in their development, not just one or the other and also support for women in these areas.

She further said that the organisation will work collaboratively with local partners and stakeholders to develop sustainable solutions that address the root causes of poverty, inequality, and social injustice.

Bankole’s dedication to social causes extends beyond ‘What About the People.’

While she remains tight-lipped on any potential foray into politics, she emphasises her commitment to using her platform as a celebrity to amplify the voices of the marginalised and advocate for positive change.

“Whether through film, community impact or other endeavours, I intend to use my influence to create a more equitable Nigeria. We know the issues here and there, the question is ‘Are we willing to proffer solutions in our little ways?’ But it is not about the Government alone, we need to ask, ‘What about the people?’ and take action to ensure their eventual well-being is prioritised.”

Source: The Nation

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Chioma’s engagement ring worth three Rolls Royces, says Davido



Davido Confirms Wedding to Chioma Rowland

Afrobeats star, David Adeleke, popularly called Davido, has revealed that the value of his fiancée, Chioma Rowland’s engagement ring equals the price of two or three Rolls Royce.

Davido disclosed this in a video shared on Instagram on Friday by a businessman and socialite, Pascal Okechukwu, popularly known as Cubana Chief Priest.

In the video, the socialite hailed the couple, who were seated in a car, and requested that Chioma flaunt the ring.

“#ChiVido 2024! Excessive steeze! Let me see that ring,” he said.

PUNCH Online reports that Davido recently confirmed his upcoming wedding with Chioma, which is reportedly scheduled to take place in Lagos on June 25, 2024.

Israel DMW, an aide to Davido, also in a viral video, labelled the upcoming wedding as a “gathering of billionaires.”

Source: The Punch

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